Sunday, January 4, 2009

Resolutions 2009

The girls are safely back in the States and it is already too quiet! Every night, after a full day of activities, we would cozy up to watch a late night movie but no BBC luck...they got hooked on CSI reruns (Miami, NYC, & Vegas). Wouldn't you know yesterday was movie marathon so my inspiration for this year's resolution came from that literary classic "Cheaper by the Dozen". At the end of the movie the Mom wisely states "let's remember the past, engage in the present, and look forward to the future!" (Now, I'm sure that quote didn't originate with her, you can google it.) The point is, I could not come up with "one" single resolution this year so here is my list of "promises to myself" based on the past, the present, and the future.....

1. Record and research my Dad's fabulous stories about his "top-secret" CIA days as a U-2 Spy Plane pilot.
2. Last year I posted 54 times on my blog. I'll aim for 100 this year - it has been a great journal for us to look back at our adventures through out the year and keep the family informed as to our whereabouts!

3. Eat less, move more! (shared with Aunt Fancy Freckles)
4. Figure out the Bupa Insurance system and set up an appointment with a Doctor here in London for a physical, including an overdue mammogram.
5. Appreciate how hard Rick works and continue to encourage him (nag him) to "eat less, move more!"

6. Use my newly renovated home in Boston to entertain guests - Spring and Summer are best y'all!
7. Organize an extended family get-together at Perdido Beach this August.
8. Teach my family to play Mah Jong!

That's my list. I challenge each of you to make your own list of promises!
Cheers to 2009 - health, happiness, humanity, and a year of promises.

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Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I may have to take on the name Fancy Freckles...but not the milkbones. Bachelor tonight~ I'll cozy up on the couch.

Good list! Here-Here on the mamogram. Plan it in February and I'll have a glass of wine with you once it's over. No handholding during that proceedure!

I am counting on you to help me meet my goals and use up my frequent flyer points.