Thursday, January 15, 2009

....and this chair was just right!

You know how everyone seems to find a chair that is "just right"? Whether it is just right for reading, or just right for watching becomes YOUR CHAIR!!! I was happy to share MY CHAIR with the girls when they were here for a visit....and yes, they are reading!!! The British do love their gossip magazines!

Last weekend, at the height of the Hamas/Israeli war demonstration on Kensington High Street we decided to shop the sales....the stores were not crowded at all! I have been looking for a lamp and "something" to go on the wall next to RICK'S CHAIR. I think we made the perfect choice. The pictures are architectural photographs that could have been taken at any number of cathedrals, palaces, or museums we have toured over the past couple of years.

SO this is what I spent my Christmas checks on! (And Rick wants you to know - none of the things I bought were on sale!)
Thank you Grandmother and Drew, AND Dad and Jane!

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