Saturday, December 27, 2008

ahhh! A quiet after-Christmas morning....

The storm hit about the time we landed in Boston and it just kept snowing! Rick tried to keep up with the shoveling but it just kept snowing!!! The mail box suffered from a "hit and run" but Tucker loves this weather. Here's a beautiful shot out our kitchen window of the frozen scene on the river.

I had a great Christmas...a Mah Jong set and a new "evening" Mah Jong purse for Tuesday nights plus A NEW KITCHEN!

Now that the snow has melted and the days have warmed up we are enjoying walks with Tucker and watching the sun set over the river from the hot tub with a cup of the last of the Hot Buttered Rum.

In a few days, all of us will be boarding a plane for London. The new wood floors will be sanded and stained while the house is empty. We have a fun week planned for the girls including New Year's Eve with Sir Elton John, an evening at the Ice Bar, and tickets to see one of my favorite plays, The Jersey Boys.

I hope all of you are enjoying a quiet after-Christmas too!

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Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

The pictures are beautiful! You could be living in a Christmas card.
New Years with Sir Elton John and the ice bar? Have a toast for Aunt Sister Fabulous... and take the camera along!