Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas at Blenheim Palace

Before I get on the plane and head to Boston for Thanksgiving with the girls, I worked in a trip with my AWC friends to see Blenheim Palace, all decorated for Christmas. This Palace was built in gratitude by Queen Anne for the Duke of Marlborough after his defeat of the French. It was also the birthplace of Winston S. Churchhill....the S stands for Spencer, as in Lady Di Spencer. I am always trying to connect the dots but it is not easy with British history!

We enjoyed a guided tour of the State Rooms, including magnificent tapestries and portraits, and "The Untold Story" - stories brought to life by animated figures, talking portraits and ghostly figures. (Not Disney but clever!) It was such a beautiful, clear day that some of us took a short walk from the Water Terrace to the ornate Italian Gardens. With 2,000 acres of parkland we will have to come back to explore.

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