Monday, September 29, 2008

Shopping for Oktoberfest

" Timeless and yet always fashionable"! Every store in Munich was stocked with the traditional Bavarian costume - Dirndl for the girls and Lederhosen for the boys. I had a ball shopping with our EY friends and I must admit they looked very authentic and "fashionable" in their new outfits!

You will notice I am not showing everyone's traditional outfits...I, personally looked more like I was going to a country western hoe-down in my red and white checked least Kelly tried on a dirndl!
Rick and I wandered through a farmer's market area and came across this stand with things made of natural seeds, dried flowers and even twigs. Aren't these adorable? Not enough room in the suitcase!

After a great meal with the gang, we all hit the sack early.... tomorrow, the festivities begin early!

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