Monday, August 18, 2008

End of the summer

The boat is loaded with beach chairs, towels, coolers, snacks and all 5 of us....Tucker is staying home. It may hit 80 today and there is a cool breeze coming off the ocean so we head down the North River as the tide is going out in search of a perfect spot on the spit. Not much has changed - watch out for the kids jumping off the bridge, the tug boat and lobster boat "Sorry Charlie" are taking Sunday off!

The spit is packed today, Captain Rick did a good job of maneuvering among the fishing boats and yachts. Our boat doesn't take up much room and Christy and Doug's friends had already claimed a section of beach - now where is that sunscreen, Haley?

We finished the day at Rick's favorite restaurant - Mill Warf in Scituate Harbor. The chef has changed our favorite Cod dish, a few too many capers for me! But the sunset is always spectacular!
It was a great "end of the summah" day!

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