Wednesday, October 29, 2014


BOG - Board of Governors, Boy or Girl, Best of Group (Dog Shows), Be Our Guest, Boots on the Ground, Airport Code for Bogota, Columbia???

I am referring to Cranberry Bogs to be specific!

It is harvest time here in Massachusetts.
In Autumn, the beds are flooded and the cranberries are harvested.
Here they are
 floating in the water where they will be corralled into a corner 
and collected for market. 
The colors are just incredible! 

I could not resist, 
$5 a bag!!!
Now...... what to do with 
a large bag of fresh cranberries??? 
Stay tuned......

Friday, October 24, 2014

Guests come to the Rivah Cottage

Fall is the perfect time to visit New England and the weather 'Gods' were certainly looking after us.
The colors were highlighted with warm sunshine, tide was high, and the air was crisp ...... the perfect evening for a little blue boat ride down river.

The Eddy's came from London to experience a little "New England" through our eyes. First a Green Egg Bar-B-Q with Mr. Rick's famous pulled pork and ribs.

Sandra and I took long walks along the river in the reservation.....

and a ferry ride into Boston to explore the North End while the guys were at the office.

We had beautiful sunsets, lots of wine, and a few good meals!

Who would have thought that we could cruise the coastline with the top down?  Plymouth Rock was not as impressive as the cranberry bogs ready for harvest!

It was a fun week and we have plans to meet again...
Italy next time (because we are retired you know)!
In the meantime, the Bundy Bell continues to ring at 6:00 every evening!